Setting Up Shop

This it my first attempt at blogging and what I felt would be a necessary process I would need to undergo in order to improve and gain some exposure as a writer. What’s great about the blog format is, I can write reasonably small, easily digested fiction pieces and still get a reasonable range of feedback.

I will be writing for many genres, though my favorites are horror and fantasy. I do want to take a stab at science fiction, because I have a great love for that as well, but I’ve never actually attempted a serious piece of any kind in that genre. As a kid who grew up on the original Star Wars and original Star Trek movies, I definitely have an itch to write about those sorts of things.

I will be adhering to a one story post a week schedule but may include more if I have something exceptional happening in my brain that needs to get out. All work here is original and not fan fiction. While I’ve enjoyed reading fan fic in the past and I’m not opposed to people who do write fan fic, I don’t think it will offer me much growth as a writer.

I will also very occasionally use this blog as a personal pulpit, though not often. I don’t believe in venting very personal things on the Internet as has become so embarrassingly popular in this age of social media, but I do often have opinions on current events/random things I may want to comment on. This blog is for my growth as a writer first and foremost and I would like it to stay that way.


Leave a Comment! Input is valuable to writers.

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