My Writing Renaissance

I just finished the latest revision of a story I’m attempting to get published with EFiction magazine. The story, titled “The Shadow in the Closet” was originally for a contest entry for a local public television station. I didn’t win of course, but given the winning entry and the winning entry the year before, I think they were looking for happier, fluffier stuff than I tend to write. I wasn’t discouraged by this and at the urging of both my best friend and often-times editor, Colin and my parents I continued to develop the idea.

What started out as a 1200-something word contest entry evolved into what I hope to be a five part anthology of short stories that tells the tale of a family and their encounters within an old house the father buys to restore it. Sounds like pretty common horror stuff, but I’ve left a lot out in the describing. No fun to read if you all ready know what happens, right?

Doing that first contest entry really ignited a pilot light for me. Initially, I had been working on a novel based on my game world, Imarel and it just wasn’t going anywhere for me. This is literally something I’ve struggled with for over ten years, but it just never occurred to me that I didn’t have to write about Imarel. I could write about other things if I wanted. I had so many people telling me that they wanted me to do something with Imarel, I sort of got tunnel vision. I still spend time developing content for it for those who play on my IRC channel game and its because of all the time I spent playing in Imarel and developing it, that was just completely blocked on writing anything significant about it.

So when I started writing horror, I was literally feeling the words fly off my laptop’s keyboard and onto the document before me. I almost couldn’t type fast enough for all the ease I was having with the ideas coming to me. That’s more or less where I am now. I really feel positive about the stories I’ve been writing as of late and I’m confident this latest revision of “The Shadow in the Closet” will be closer to what the folks at EFiction are looking for. The editor that declined it had told me he was very close to accepting it. He simply wanted more character development and background development which was simple enough to fix for re-submission. I have two more parts all ready written and I simply had to draw upon those to integrate it.

So tomorrow I’ll have the next installment of “The Voice in the Basement” by the late afternoon, early evening (EST). Like the other project I’ve been working on, this story has also come very easily to me and I’m honestly thrilled that so many people seem to be enjoying it. I plan on taking that to five parts as well (though it may go six if I get incredibly word-happy with it). After its completion, I think I may return to my fantasy roots for my next story. I’m not sure yet, because I initially promised myself I wouldn’t write for Imarel here, but perhaps a not-Imarel fantasy story would fit the ticket.

And now movie-watching and dreaded house-cleaning await me.  Happy Sunday everybody.


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