Random Geek Stuff

I don’t make a real big secret about the fact that I’m a gamer geek. Primarily, I stick to MMOs and RPGs, having lost my taste for FPS games after Quake 3 and being heavily involved in that community. My latest passion is for the upcoming MMO, Guild Wars 2. I’m participating in the open beta and I’ve had a great deal of fun with it, mostly because of the concentration on the story telling aspects of the game. ArenaNet just posted on their blog about the story telling in the game and what went into it. Some will recognize the name of Jeff Grubb in the post, who has done great work for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons franchise. It really is like an interactive novel and it becomes quite easy to get immersed in the game for that reason. I’m also not shy about admitting I’d love to do lore/story telling for a game studio at some point.

On the subject of Guild Wars 2, for those who are curious about the game and what it looks like, feel free to check out my screenshots I’ve been keeping. ArenaNet is also holding a contest for screenshots the community has been submitting, which I of course have entered! If you have a Facebook account, swing on over and vote for my entry if you like. 😉 A better view of said screenshot can be seen here.

In other news, I’m going to take another crack at a Chuck Wendig Writing Challenge. This time it’s about time travel, which has always been a very interesting subject to me. I’ve been itching to do a science fiction piece, so I think this will be a great excuse to do that. I have to admit though, I really don’t like the whole 1,000 words or less flash fiction constrains you to. What may end up doing is writing two versions: one for the challenge and another deeper story that I’ll post here.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank all my recently acquired followers for following and liking stuff from the “The Voice in the Basement” story. I will make a point to visit your blogs as well as soon as I can. I would love to see more comments though, good or bad. Part of growing as a writer is getting a pat on the back or a kick in the ass when you need it.

Happy Tuesday everybody. I’m off to bake a venison meat pie. Mmm…venison.


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