The Next Blog Story: “The Queen’s Deception”

I’ve started writing the next “for the blog” story. This one is based on my fantasy game world I created, Imarel. While I had initially gone into making this blog with the idea that I wouldn’t write anything at all based on Imarel because I’m trying to expand my writing style and sharpen my writing skill by leaving behind familiar things, I changed my mind.  I read somewhere recently that if you feel like a story needs to be told, then write it. The protagonist in the story is one I very much enjoy writing for and I think his story is an interesting enough one to tell, so I’m going to tell it and see where it goes. 

What I’m hoping for with this story, that I didn’t get with “The Voice in the Basement” is more comments. I got a lot of ‘like’ clicks but that doesn’t really tell me anything other than it’s liked. Input from readers is a precious and valuable thing. Even if somebody tells me my story sucks, I want to know why it sucks so I can improve as a wordsmith. I present material here in a somewhat rough form (meaning I edit it best to my abilities, but occasionally mistakes get through) for that purpose. So feel free with the next story coming on Monday to mash the like button if you like it, but also drop any thoughts you might have. Many of you are my peers in this area, so I’m happy to hear what my fellow wordsmiths have to say.

In other news, I’m still waiting to hear back on my latest edit on a story I submitted to EFiction Horror. It’s the first part of a series I really don’t have an all-encompassing title for, but revolves around events at an old house on a back road. The home renovator who buys it unwittingly sets off a chain of events that end up having far greater implications. I plan on submitting all three parts to them, so hopefully they’ll be interested. If not, I’ll probably shop them around with other e-magazines. I feel the story is a good one and it should be told. The third part is actually done, the first is being put under scrutiny and the second part I’m actually going to rework (it was admittedly a bit dry of a read) and compress some of my ideas so there’s more things going on in it. This reworked second story of the three is actually going to be a conglomeration of three other stories that can make a strong, stand-alone story, rather than three co-dependent ones.

Time to make dinner. Happy Friday everybody!


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