Blog Tinkering + Other Stuff

I have added a page to the blog just for my stories, to make reading them a bit more convenient. I had been thinking that as I start putting more in the blog, that it’s going to be come impossible to find anything before too long. I’m still new to the whole blogging experience so it was a nice surprise when I found that I can add pages to it. I kept thinking I had to manually add the tabs through coding somehow.

I also want to again encourage my readers to leave feedback. Even if you don’t like a story, a well thought out negative critique can be immensely helpful. Recently, I’ve taken up posting on reddit in the r/writing subreddit and have found this largely rewarding. I got some decent feedback on The Queen’s Deception that I’ll use when I go to make the revision of it.

While I’m writing The Queen’s Deception, I’m also working on a whole new horror story that I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with once I finish it. I believe I will try to get it published in an literary magazine, but I’ve largely decided on not submitting this one to eFiction. I have a revised version of The Voice in the Basement in their hands and that should do for now. In order to get the exposure I want, I think I need to get myself into a few different publications, rather than focus-firing on one. Speaking of The Voice in the Basement, the revised version received a fair amount of up-votes on Library of Shadows. If anybody from there is reading, thanks! It’s nice to get a little love now and then. 😉

In other news, Guild Wars 2 is going live this weekend and will be opening up to those of us who pre-purchased. This will not stop the next chapter of The Queen’s Deception! As soon as I’m done writing this entry, I’m going to start cracking on that. If any of you are playing, I’ll be on the server, Sorrow’s Furnace.

Now, to see if this submit by email thing actually works…


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