Goings on of this Week

No new story this week as I’m working on a story I won’t be posting here, since I’m going to shop it for publication. However, I may put up a flash fiction piece if I find the time. I’ll also be working on some editing for The Queen’s Deception and when I finish that, I’ll go ahead and update those posts.

On the topic of this new story I’m working on, it’s an exercise in the deconstruction of a person. I’m wanting to make a protagonist that people will actually hate, then be inclined to cheer when he finally gets what’s coming to him. I’ve had some positive results from an early, incomplete rough draft but we’ll see. I’m trying to work a lot harder at vetting my work through the editing and peer review process before I let people see it.

In other news, this Wednesday is “Talk Like a Pirate” day. Do people actually participate in that?


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