New Schedule and Other Stuff

I’ve decided to move my writing day to Tuesday. I read somewhere about the importance of protecting your writing time and that’s really something I need to do. My Mondays are spent reading other people’s blogs, doing writing research and a host of other things that make having the focus to write on Monday nearly impossible as of late. So, Tuesday will be the new writing day.

As to what I’m giving you tomorrow, I really can’t say, as I’m still chewing on some ideas and I’ve got two short stories in editing phase.  I may suffice to do some flash fiction because that’s actually a weak point in my writing. I tend to feel caged in when I write something that short and perhaps doing a few more of those will break me out of that mode of thinking.

The short story I’m working on, is called Personal Demon and it’s about a worthless lout getting what he deserves in a most unusual way. I don’t want to give too much away, but I had a lot of fun writing it. It was both an exercise in character development and delving into some edgier writing. I don’t feel that being edgier is necessarily better writing but for sake of exploring the character, I felt it appropriate. This story is in editing phase and I’m actually going to go check to see where that’s at with my copy editor.

Till tomorrow!


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