Writing Progress

At present, I’m about halfway through writing the final chapter in the massive revamp of Voice in the Basement that I’m going to be re-submitting to E-Fiction. This particular piece has been a very unique challenge for me, because up until this last chapter, I’ve been kind of fighting myself to finish it. My friend and copy editor, Megan urged me to completely redo it, because she said it was incredibly hard to follow. I kind of attribute that to the writing style I chose for it and a lot of my earlier stuff, where I’m basically writing ‘from the mind’ of the protagonist and not a lot of conversation, or interaction. It was a style that worked for a few pieces, just not this one.

So, for the last month or so I’ve been chainsawing the old story and reworking it into something that reads a lot more like the style I’ve adopted for Hangman’s Tree. I’m happier with the new story, but I’m kind of vexed at why part of my brain resists writing it. Once I force myself to it, it’s fine and I can start writing. Lots of quiet and no distractions help that a lot (although I can’t avoid my pudgy cat that insists I need to pet her whether I’m writing, gaming or building a computer).

So, in the meantime I leave with you an excerpt:

I fell backwards from the bed with a yelp and began scrambling to safety. In my panic I grab my treasured Gibson acoustic guitar. I had planned to do my best impression of Pete Townshend on this skeletal bitch’s head, but upon turning around with a high-armed raise of the musical instrument, I found nothing of her remains. Only the dirt, blood and the questions they offered lingered in lieu of something more tangible.

Till next week!


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