The Newtown Tragedy and Where We Go From Here

In case you’ve been living under a rock, below is a link that recaps what’s been going on in Newtown, CT:

With that out of the way I’d like to say what my blog isn’t going to be about today. It’s not going to be about getting rid of all guns and it’s not going to be about arming teachers. It’s not going to be about why this is the media’s fault and it’s not going to be about any number of other things pundits and activist groups have been using this horror for to promote their agendas. I’m frankly tired of reading the nonsense from people who don’t actually have a logical opinion on the matter and either give out emotional, reactionary word vomit or spoon fed talking points. If you take nothing else away from my blog today, let it be “Have an educated opinion.”

What this will be about is how we go forward as a nation now that the blood of children has been spilled. This should be the foremost on everybody’s minds. This is a discussion that we, as a country need to have. The ‘Fuck yeah America’ people, the tree-hugging hippies, the blue collars, the white collars, the poor, the rich. All of us. Nobody is excluded from this table anymore because it involves everybody. It especially involves our children who can’t possibly defend themselves against these sorts of psychopathic people and require us to defend them from these evils.

I strongly believe there is no legitimate reason for a normal citizen to own an assault rifle. Don’t get me wrong, I love guns. I believe in the 2nd Amendment. It is and always should be a human right to be able to defend yourself. You don’t need an assault rifle to defend yourself, or your home. A normal handgun or shotgun can do that just fine. Home invasion scenarios are mostly close combat situations anyway, so you’re probably not going to bring that huge weapon to bear in time.

A friend of mine argued that assault rifles should be protected by the 2nd Amendment because they ‘ensure our defense against a tyrannical government.’ Really? So when the drones start dropping smart bombs, the A-10 Warthogs strafe-bomb everything and the M1-A1 Abrams tanks plow through homes, an assault rifle is going to do what, exactly? In this era of computer-controlled warfare, you’re better off looking to the hackivists to protect you against your own government than a weapon that’s all ready fundamentally useless against the might of our own military, should it ever be turned upon us.

Assault rifles belong in the hands of soldiers and in the theater of war. Not easily obtainable at gun shows, where checks aren’t necessary and not readily available to order over the internet as simply as making a purchase on Amazon. In this self-entitlement, easy gratification society we have become, our angry and deranged can buy a weapon of incredible killing potential with less difficulty than it takes for a new driver to get a driver’s licence. How does that even make sense?

This doesn’t mean the ban of all firearms. As stated previously, I believe that our citizenry should be armed in order to defend ourselves and our families. I also believe that every gun sale should be coupled with a mandatory psychological evaluation and a training course for first-time weapon buyers and follow up evals for people who buy more than one. Sane people should know how to use their firearm responsibly, crazy people should not have access to any firearms! While no psychological evaluation will catch everybody who’s missing a screw or two, I feel this is a step in the right direction in cutting down the sort of violence that has haunted our country’s steps as of late.

I also feel that paying closer attention to behavioral issues with our loved ones is of critical importance. It’s easy to ignore, enable or excuse away a friend or family member that’s spewing off crazy things, making violent oaths and promises. It’s simple to turn away from even our own children’s behavior and write it off as a ‘phase.’ I’m no child expert, but I’ve been told by another friend who’s a psychologist that people who fit the profile for ‘murdering psychopath’ leave very vivid clues before they act. We have to start taking these things seriously and acting upon them, before another Newtown, CT. happens.

This is a problem that has to be approached from many angles not just one. Not if we want to avoid something like this happening again.


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