New Years Goals

Theories get you thinking. Sweat gets you results.

— A fortune cookie


This message is taped onto the overhead shelf of my my desk. I found it unusually appropriate for me, because I have a ton of ideas but only act on very few of them. For 2013 I’ve decided to make my primary goal getting published somewhere, then as a secondary goal, begin either a collection of short stories, or a novel for my first attempt at indie publication.

For the immediate future, I’m going to start the re-write of “Personal Demon,” the short story I wrote that feels like it wants to be a novella, next week and I’ll post a sample of it when I’m done. I’m still not quite ready to begin writing small stories on the side for this blog again, but that will be happening again soon. Already had an idea for one small story last night while in bed.

I also have a few personal resolutions that nobody on the Internet needs to know, save of course the ‘lose weight’ one. 🙂  Once the Christmas cookies and leftovers are gone, I’ll be starting on that one. Hope everybody has a prosperous New Year and thank you to those who actually read my blog. Your presence is appreciated!




One response to “New Years Goals

  1. Hi, T.A.! Thank you for sharing your writing with me. It’ s encouraging to watch another person’ s creative growth. Have a happy new year and write every day!

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