So, I’m Entering a Contest…

A local television station, WITF is hosting their annual writing contest. Aside the nice bit of prize money, this contest is kind of a benchmark point for me. You see, last year I entered this contest with a bit of writing that got me motivated to write again. Previous to this, I had been floundering on a novel based on my game world, Imarel. I had really lost steam with writing and was ready to just do something else.

The contest was an interesting, if innocuous motivator. It kind of hit me to explore another genre of writing (horror). And while the final result was more than a little subpar compared to my writing now, a year later, it got me really writing again and out of the gridlock I was in. And while I didn’t win, I found I really enjoyed the effort and learned a lot about where I was as a writer.

So, it’s come around again (and I noticed it was with less than a month to spare!) So, I’ve changed my plans to start the rework of “Personal Demon” and begin working on the piece for this contest. This time, I’m doing a sci-fi story (since I personally think my bloodless horror piece was not the sort of thing they were looking for).  I’m trying something new with this piece in that this’ll really be my only second attempt at sci-fi (the first being this bit of flash fiction from a Chuck Wendig challenge). Wish me luck!


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