Started working on the outline process of the revamp I plan on doing for the “Personal Demon” story. Basically, this is nothing more than me banging ideas around in my head and writing them down. The advantage I have here is that I already know what the story is going to be about and I have the characters, it merely needs to be fleshed out. More on that when it’s ready.

I am also a bit behind on reading other people’s blogs like I like to do weekly. Time has just not been what it usually is lately, so I’m going to make a commitment to doing that this week. I enjoy interacting with fellow writers and I find I’m learning a lot from those of you who share your wisdom and experience, so thank you. 😉

Meanwhile, the first paragraph from my short story contest entry:

We all have our reasons for what we do. We choose and cut a line through the tapestry of Life. We sheer, fringe and peel away and in the end, we’ve the threads of our choices. We make from this a net of regret that snares us and drags us into a place we rarely escape. We defeat ourselves with the memories of our bad choices and don’t give ourselves the chance to make good ones. Thanks to recent advances in science, that all changes…for a price.



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