Getting Back to Storytelling

Starting next week, I’ll be going back to posting stories here on the blog, but my aim will only be small flash fiction works — stuff to keep my brain mentally fit for longer writing. I’ve actually have quite a few good ideas in that regard, including some short sci-fi stories and some horror stories. I might even go back to my roots and do some fantasy writing.

Speaking of fantasy writing, in the on-line RPG I run, I’m also coming a lot closer to completing that world setting which pleases the hell out of me. Much of my problem with that is I don’t know when to stop, or when to call something done. Imarel has been the fodder for a great many of my story ideas, but I need to grow and expand. It’s a ‘hobby’ I’ve been working on, with varying frequency for the last 25 years of my life. That’s longer than some of my players have been alive. I’ll also be 40 in two months. While it will probably always be a hobby at some level, I need to find a conclusion to the ‘building’ phase of it and let it be a finished thing.

Finally, the February issue of EHorror Magazine is out, which includes my story “Hangman’s Tree.” Show me a little love and buy the magazine and help support an up and coming online literary magazine in the process.

Story time next week!





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