About “The Evolved” and Other Comings and Goings

The story, “The Evolved” Was actually part of a much bigger story that I detailed the rise of a super-intelligent insect species that eventually takes over the world. Inspired by the fungi that takes over ant brains and ‘zombifies’ them, I thought this would be a great story to have insects doing something like that to humans.

I wrote this in the early part of last year and while I still think it’s a good story, my writing style has changed a bit. The one person, no dialog style was an experiment in writing that really didn’t work because it seems to be a style that is hard to immerse one’s self into. The other stories I had wrote weren’t the quality this one was and ended up being kind of boring. Mostly, I think I posted this one because it’s good to see where I’ve been to accurately picture where I’m going.

Next week I will post something new, though I have no idea what. I’m coming up to a busy few months in my family with birthdays and the like, so writing time in general will be diminished a bit.  I think if I stick to my ‘flash fiction only’ plan, I should be OK. I’m also working on some ‘rule mechanics’ for my IRC-based RP, World of Imarel before I get to revamping the old classes to the new standardized style I’ve chosen to present the information in. While not nearly as fun as writing, it’s something I still need to do to call Imarel ‘done’ at some point.

Anyway, more stories next week!


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