The Duel

The Duel

by T.A. Saunders

The duel had been a long time in the coming. The sense of tension and eagerness for blood was thick in the room where the fight would take place. A flickering screen that cast azure and white shined upon their faces, accenting one smug expression on the man and a purse-lipped expression on the woman. Some would question the presence of a woman in such duels but in truth, her skill could not be questioned in this style of combat, so he had accepted without question.

This had been quite a personal affair for the duelist, for they shared many friends and they quickly polarized to either her side or his. In fact it was at a party the duelists both attended that brought this matter to a head. His bold statements had put her on a defensive, which she was of course obliged to answer with equal bravado. Some say he was arrogant, some said she was out of place. Words no longer mattered; she threw down the gauntlet had he had accepted. Now all would be resolved with blood and skill.

Each combatant took their weapons and prepared themselves. These weapons were exactly the same in shape and design, except his looked a bit more worn, a bit more handled through trials of abuse and victory. It had survived many battles and within his hands another victory was not far from his grasp. In fact, it had almost been expected he would win. Her weapon was much newer, but her skill with it had impressed so many that amongst the friends, it was whispered that she alone could bring him low and take victory from his assured grasp. This would be a long, brutal exchange; these two craved the defeat one another for far too long for anything less.

The screen flashed once more and the signal to begin had been given. The fight started out with a sizing up of one another. Her kicks and punches had been probing and quick to see if he would reveal his true skills immediately. He was more experienced than that and allowed her to prod at his defenses with only a little movement and a strike or two in exchange. He was luring her by her confidence into a trap.

And it worked. She felt an advantage and pressed it, by charging in with a barrage of kicks that she had expected would bring him down quickly, but she had not been prepared for whatever it was he had thrown in her face and send her careening backward. A small growl left her lips as she readied her lasso and went back on the offensive.

She was fast — faster than he had expected and quickly found himself snared within the confines of the lasso. She launched him into the air and sent him crashing to the ground with such force that he found himself stunned and dazed from the impact. She pressed her advantage and struck him in the face and chest time and time again, but grew frustrated that he simply would not fall. He had blocked or dodged nearly every swing despite his condition. She hadn’t counted on him being this durable at all.

His retaliation was remarkable. More flying boomerangs exploded in her face, which blinded her and forced her to stumble. He felt this was the end of her and good thing. Her lasso trick had wounded him and another blow like that might have finished him. Now, he would gloat and take his spoils. As he advanced, he wondered what he might claim for this victory. Lewd were the thoughts of his winnings; he would take her as his prize he considered and savored the thought of it.

Suddenly the screen flashed red. What was happening? Why was there red? She had baited him as he had baited her; a tactic he thought impossible from her aggressive style. He underestimated her and he paid for it in a defeat brought by a fearsome uppercut that laid him on his back. The screen flickered to black. He sighed, smiled and looked over at her. She too was smiling. It didn’t surprise him in the least. She had earned her win and he would accept his defeat gracefully.

“I told you Wonder Woman could beat Batman, Teddy.” She stated with a coy expression.

“Batman is a better tactician than I am, Ingrid.” He replied while setting down the controller.

“Let’s hope your better at doing the dishes!” She pointed to the kitchen with great satisfaction!



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