About “The Duel” and Random Things

Last week’s little flash fiction, “The Duel” was a fun little story to write. While I consider it more of  a brain exercise than actual writing, it was amusing to write something in a manner that implied one thing, but was really meant to describe another. Anybody who knows gamers knows we’re a competitive lot, especially when it comes to fighting games/PvP. The sort of tension generated from a good game could very well be likened to the dueling that happened in the Victorian era; honor saved, respect earned and such. We, as people still need a way to set ourselves apart, even if it means through flashy pixels on a screen.

This particular story was inspired by a combination of some discussions my girlfriend and I have had in regards to her and I playing a competitive game against one another and some recent videos for “Injustice, Gods Among Us” that IGN has recently posted. She and I are always joking around about kicking each other’s asses at one game or another or teasing one another when one of us dies when we’re playing Guild Wars 2 together. I may not always admit it, but she’s pretty good! It’s simply a mechanic of our relationship that we can poke fun at one another and laugh over it.

In other news, I added “The Evolved” to the Stories section for easy perusal. I’m also debating getting rid of the blog’s ‘Like’ button. It seems more like an excuse for some people to pimp their blog, rather than leave a comment or constructive feedback. I wouldn’t care if people pimped their blog after leaving a comment or throwing some input my way. Need to put a little more thought into that; I’m still very new to whole blogging thing.

New story next week!


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