About “Girl and the Spider” and Other Things on My Mind

“The Girl and the Spider” was inspired in large part by my girlfriend who is deathly afraid of spiders. Her fear is an irrational one to me, but then she’s a little timid of all insects, including butterflies. This is one place with my darling I just accept and deal with, but the notion that she would make a deal with a spider was an amusing notion to me. The character, beyond the irrational fear of spiders, is nothing like my girlfriend however. The rest was contrived in my mind so the story would work.

I’ve been wanting to write creepy faerie tale stories for awhile now and this is probably going to be the first of a few that will see that urge fulfilled. I really enjoy the idea of modernizing the faerie tale, which I feel is a very classic way of telling a story. It’s simple, easily readable and can convey proper fear or amusement with a twist of words. In discussing the idea with my father (whose birthday is today, incidentally) suggested that I take this same story and turn it into something comedic. I might do that for fun, not sure yet!

As to the ‘Other Things’ on my mind, I’m brought to the incident with the Boston Marathon bombing. I spent about a year in MA, in a town just outside of Boston. I’ve been into the city on more than a few occasions and I went to the JFK Library a few times. I’ve walked those streets. Watching that unfold on the news was surreal for me to say the least. My heart goes out to all the families and people suffering because of this act of terrorism. But if anybody thinks that a few bombs are going to put the people of Boston in fear, they obviously do not know who the hell they’re dealing with. Bostonians are a resilient folk who I suspect feel more anger than fear for what this terrorist (or these terrorists) did.


On a final note, they’re announcing the winner of the WITF 2013 Writing Contest today. Wish me luck!


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