About “The Old Man and the Crow”

My grandfather had a thing for birds. I can’t recall the exact story behind it, but he had a pigeon coop and took pretty good care of them. He also had a duck in his waning years that bonded pretty well with him, but the thing I remember most is the crow that hung out with him and drank beer.  While no part of me attaches a supernatural connotation to any of this, I did think it would make great fodder for another one of these faerie tale/fable stories I’ve been keen on writing as of late.

Giving creatures human voices and motives has been also something of an exercise in character development. While the faerie tale characters are stylistically simplistic, I’ve had a good deal of fun associating creatures with things we fear. The Spider in “The Girl and the Spider” represented fear of the dark/unseen and the crow in this latest story represents fear of death. So the creatures are really nothing more than an embodiment of a thing and given a human motive to relate to.

In other news, I didn’t win the WITF writing contest, which has the benefit of releasing the story I submitted. This week I’ve added some dialog I had to cut out to make the 1,500 word constraint and colored up the language a bit to better reflect the protagonist’s emotional state. Once I finish I might post an excerpt from it, before shopping it for publication.

New story next week! Till then, if this isn’t inspirational for something horrific, I don’t know what is! http://www.livescience.com/29198-shark-embryos-cannibalize-others.html?cmpid=514627


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