As the title would imply, I’m hitting that rut all writers know about well. That of course, being the motivation to write. I still seem to be able to push out short stories and flash fiction, but anything bigger just makes my brain swim with unwillingness lately. Advise from others never seems to work well for me, but I have found some things that do actually help me.

1. Try new things: To that end, I’ve been engrossing myself in Doctor Who. Yep. I’m a newly-minted Whovian now.  I’ve been getting tons of creative energy just by watching it. I’m up to Season 4 presently and I really dig David Tennant as the Doctor.

2. Turn creative power elsewhere: Something that I haven’t actually done yet, but plan to is draw. Drawing helps me express ideas that I have rolling around in my head that I might not actually have words for yet. And while I consider myself a better wordsmith than an artist, I don’t do badly. If I actually do get around to this, maybe I’ll link what I draw. 😉

3. Wander: I’ve also been spending more time really looking at the world around me. I live in a very rural part of Pennsylvania, which gives me access to some incredibly old (and in lots of cases, inspirational) bits of architecture and some very deeply wooded places that linger very far off the beaten path. I’m not gonna lie, some of them are damn scary at night and just before dawn. I love it! Nevermind the plethoria of insects that always give me wonderfully horrific ideas.

I’ll probably do one more fairy tale/fable style story next week then I think I’ll move onto something else. No idea what, but I’m sure something will come to me.

Till next week!



2 responses to “Motivation

  1. As writers we become so focused on our work we drive away our own motivation. I found this out the hard way. By the time I finished my novel I was completely burnt out. So, I’m using some of the ideas you listed. They are excellent ways to open your eyes again, see the wider world, and recharge your energy for writing. Let me know how it goes!

    • That’s exactly what happens to me. I get so focused on doing, I do tons then suddenly just sputter out. Taking a few weeks to turn my senses elsewhere definitely helps me though, hope it helps you too!

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