Second Publication Announcement

A story I wrote at the end of last year called “Regrets” will appear in an upcoming issue of EFiction in their ESciFi magazine. I’m grateful for another opportunity to appear in print and as soon as I know, I’ll post the issue that my story will appear in. “Regrets” is a futuristic story about the moral implications a son faces about letting his father use a device called the ‘Crown of Selective Memory,’ a device that can erase one memory from somebody’s mind, once in their life. I really like the science fiction genre, but I’ve always been apprehensive about writing for it. I was always worried that it would be over-analyzed for scientific validity rather than being a good story.

Over the next week, I’ll be adding the Faerie Tale/Fable stories to the ‘Stories’ section of the site. I’ve also elected to disable the ‘Like’ feature on the site, regardless how much traffic it may cost me. I want people to leave comments and give me feedback on stories, not leave a link to their own blog and nothing else. This is a blog about writing and even if I can’t get worthwhile feedback from it, it still serves as a place to exercise my creativity.

Till next week!


2 responses to “Second Publication Announcement

  1. I love the concept of Regrets! I can’t wait to read it. You’re not alone in your uneasiness about writing science fiction. Sometimes, genre readers like to show off their scientific knowledge by nit-picking. You’re writing for the imaginative people who are willing to suspend their disbelief to experience a good story.

    • I think at one point I was one of those nit-pickers and that’s what’s waiting for me! I stumbled across the wisdom somewhere that good sci-fi isn’t about the science, it’s about the story and the characters, so I try to stick to that.

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