Apparently This Blog Has Been Around For One Year…

Although, I can’t exactly remember if I registered it, then waited awhile to begin posting, or simply started. I think it might have been the former, but in any event, happy anniversary Fiction Foundry! While I can’t say as this blog has grown all that much, especially since I shut off the bot-happy “Like” feature, but I’d rather look at it as a growth of my writing, which I think has improved, in part, thanks to this blog. No, I don’t always post perfect, clean stories. Despite not getting the feedback I wanted, it does allow me to look at my work objectively…something that I’ve been finding more and more critical as a writer.

So, obviously no new story today, I still need to link up the fairy tale stories in the ‘Stories’ section, which I will do when I have time. I was just going to post some random thoughts today anyway, until I saw the 1 year notification and I felt it best for a moment of reflection on where I’ve been and where I’m going instead. I’m looking forward to where I’ll be with this passion of mine in another year.

Till next week. 😉


2 responses to “Apparently This Blog Has Been Around For One Year…

    • I’d like to think it does. By simply forcing myself to a schedule in which to write, I’m given time to practice and be consistent. That in itself is a skill that’s important to manage.

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