Tim, Rebooted

I had every intention of keeping on with getting myself into a schedule of writing everyday. I did. Except of course, life decided it was better I did other things, like wallow in anguish. I’m not normally one to complain about my health, because I come from the belief that those types of matters are not for posting on the Internet. However, as this blog represents my efforts to both exercise and strengthen my writing skill, (hence a place where I can be held accountable; I say something, I do it), that I am then accountable for simply dropping off the momentum I started upon.

The last past three weeks or so, have been a combination of some severe back pains, I’ve been having to see a physical therapist for, and somehow managing to burn my esophagus with acid reflux. This has led to a whole lot of sleepless nights, and a whole lot of lacking in energy. But, as with all things, I find a way to prevail. Thanks to the physical therapy, my back is finally down to a dull ache, and thanks to eating little and blandly, I’m getting less pains swallowing food, and very little stomach cramping. The back pains were especially bad, with muscles tightening up to the point where it was difficult to breathe under active situations. So, very happily reporting that I’m feeling a lot less like somebody ran me over with a steamroller.

This means, I’m going to be back to writing this week, I think. Or, at least I will try to be. My hope was to write something every day, even if its short. The Writing Warm-Up series I did was really only meant to be serial flash fiction, and nothing really more impressive than that. I’ll be probably doing more flash fiction for this blog in the very near future, as well as working on a novel outline I’ll detail next week.

Till then, here’s to me finally being able to do things!



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