A Pause in Blog Stories but not Writing

With the completion of “Malice,” I’m going to be taking a break from writing stories exclusively for the blog for a little while to focus more on stuff I want to get published. As of now, I don’t have that many readers anyway and I think beyond a few exceptions, most of those are just people looking to advertise their own blogs rather than to actually read mine. So, not putting any stories here for a while really isn’t hurting anything. 😉

I will be maintaining the blog, by posting about my progress and random other things while I get my plate cleared, which right now includes a massive re-write of “Voice in the Basement” that I’m in the submission process with, for E-Fiction’s horror genre magazine, E-Horror and I am going to go back to a short story I wrote called “Personal Demon” and give it the love it really deserves. After vetting it through readers and my cherished editor, Megan I really feel this story deserves to be closer to a novella. The characters I don’t feel are getting the proper growth and dimension when I limit myself to 7,000 to 10,000 words. I want to dig in deep and find the utter core of these characters and see where the journey takes me.

I also have some considerable work to do on my personal gaming world, Imarel but that’s been my ongoing side project for the better part of 20+ years and I’m only now getting to  developing the core classes. I also have to a lot of work on the world atlas, but that’s not much of a priority. Mission ‘Get my Ass Published’ is my big personal goal and one that needs a lot more of my attention.

So, in short I’m not leaving the blog writing thing, I’m merely changing my focus.

Till next week,

— Tim